First Aid at Work 3 Day Course - Level 3

The aims and objectives of the HSE (Health & Safety Executive) First Aid at Work course is to enable individuals to carry out appropriate first aid in an emergency situation. Following the course the attendees will be able to manage a casualty who is injured at work or suffers from a serious illness, until the emergency services arrive.

When we run this course on your site for your colleagues it is tailored to meet the issues of your workplace, ‘First Aid at work, for your work’.

General Information
Maximum of 10 attendees per Instructor

Course Duration
18 hours (3 Days)

This course can be run over a longer duration if required, but must be completed over a maximum of nine weeks.

This course is delivered using a range of techniques including, instructor led presentation, group practice, group discussion, PowerPoint, video presentation.

Course Assessment
All attendees are required to undertake an assessment on the final day of the course; both practical and theoretical aspects will be assessed. The assessments are carried out by an external assessor, who will not been involved in the teaching of the course; the assessments are carried out in a low stress environment.

Course Certification
All successful attendees will be awarded a certificate approved by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), valid for three years.

Should you wish to host this course on your own site you will need a room that will comfortably seat your amount of delegates and also allow for floor practice during the course. Two additional assessment areas are also required on the final afternoon of the course.

Day one
*Introduction & Course Administration
*Aims of First Aid Dealing with an Emergency
*Priorities of Treatment Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) – Adult
*CPR continued – Adult, Child & Baby
*Recognition & Treatment of Regurgitation. Use of face shields
*Unconscious Patient
*Hypoxia causes / signs & symptoms (inc Respiratory system & chest injuries)
*Choking – Adult, Child & Baby
*Asthma / Hyperventilation

Recap, Questions & Answers

Day two
*Recap of Day One
*The Circulatory System, Blood Loss theory / Internal Bleeding
*Treatment of Severe Bleeding Hygiene
*Bandaging First Aid Kits
*Shock / Anaphylaxis
*Angina & Heart Attack
*Stroke “Brain Attack”
*Burns, Scalds & Poisoning

CPR / Recovery Practice

Day three
*Recap of Day Two
*Skeletal System Fracture Signs & Symptoms
*Sprains & Strains Head & Spinal Injuries
*Epilepsy / Seizures Diabetes
*Secondary Assessment CPR / Assessment Practice
*Incident Recording
*Final Assessments
*Communication of Results Course Closure and Evaluation

Course fee
Individual – £210
Group (10-12) people – £POA

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your personal requirements.

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